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Private Money (Hard Money) Loans For Real Estate

Trust Deed Investments

Avenue I Capital provides accredited and non-accredited investors with time-proven, real estate-based investment opportunities that provide high returns and low risk.  We arrange Trust Deed investments for individuals, Trusts, Pension Plans, Self-Directed IRAs, as well as, Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships.  By offering loans in both the consumer and commercial marketplace, we provide investors a wide array of options that cater to their individual investment strategy.  We are committed to being a quality organization with a passion for providing unparalleled fixed income investment opportunities and offering investors a stabilizing and calming element to their investment portfolio.

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Trust Deeds

Our Trust Deed investments are highly profitable investment vehicles that are secured by real estate and yield investors 7% to 15% annually.  These investments are in the form of Promissory Notes and are secured by Deeds of Trusts (Trust Deeds) that are collateralized by various types of property located throughout California.  Each loan submitted to Avenue I Capital for consideration is scrutinized and underwritten with an emphasis on principal and yield preservation to insure that investors are protected.  

We perform the key due diligence tasks that ensures each loan is properly vetted such as:

  • reviewing the Borrower’s ability to repay the loan;
  • ordering/reviewing an appraisal to verify property value;
  • conducting a physical inspection verifying property conditions; and 
  • ordering/reviewing a title report verifying property ownership/liens.

All Trust Deed investments are documented, escrowed and evidenced by a recorded security instrument within the particular county in which the collaterized property is located.


Self-Directed IRAs

Compared to traditional IRAs, Self-Directed IRAs offer access to a much broader set of investment opportunities. As such, Self-Directed IRAs may loan money to Borrowers as an investment and are a great way to invest in Trust Deeds.  When Trust Deed investing income is used to build a Self-Directed IRA, a reliable stream of tax-free, passive income is generated. Though the process might seem confusing at first, Trust Deed investing through a Self-Directed IRA is relatively simple.

The loan from the Self-Directed IRA is documented by providing a Promissory Note.  This creates a legal obligation between the Self-Directed IRA and the Borrower.  The Promissory Note will include a Deed of Trust that secures the loan with collateralized property and protects the Self-Directed IRA against default.  If the Borrower defaults on the Promissory Note, the Deed of Trust will allow the Self-Directed IRA to force the sale of the property in order to satisfy the loan obligation.


California Trust Deed-Backed Securities Funds

Avenue I Capital manages several Trust Deed funds, licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, that generate a minimum annual yield of 5.775% to investors.  Each Trust Deed within a fund is collateralized by California real estate and if a Borrower defaults, the fund forces the sale of the property in order to satisfy the loan obligation.  The sale proceeds exceeding the loan obligation are then distributed among the investors and the fund manager.  

Trust Deed funds are group-driven funds that invest in a group of Trust Deeds as opposed to a single Trust Deed.  Investing in a Trust Deed fund can reduce risks and increase potential returns by spreading the investment over several loans, which allows distributions to continue in the event there is a default on one of the loans.  Thus, consolidating Trust Deed investing into a fund makes sense for investors who wish to maximize their Trust Deed investment strategy.