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Private Money (Hard Money) Loans For Real Estate



Declined/Hard-To-Place Loans

A significant number of our hard money loans for real estate originate from our valued network of Real Estate Agents.  When conventional lender guidelines are not flexible enough to meet your client’s needs, we can assist by providing alternative financing options to Buyers whose loans have been turned down.  By referring these clients to us, Real Estate Agents can save their transactions, earn their real estate sales commissions and earn a referral fee from the private money loans they refer.


Fast Approvals & Competitive Rates

As a direct lender, we underwrite our own files which allows us to offer speed and flexibility.  We provide fast loan approvals at competitive rates and terms with quick closings.  Most loans are funded within 7 to 10 days from receiving an application.

Our lending programs are designed for the following Buyer situations:

  • the Buyer has credit issues;
  • the Buyer has hard to document income; or
  • the Subject Property does not meet conventional lending standards.


Strategic Partnership

Our goal is to build long-term strategic relationships with our Real Estate Agent partners.  As such, we are committed to honoring our partners and paying out the best referral fees in the industry.  Your client will always be your client and you will receive a referral fee on every loan Avenue I Capital funds and closes with your client, now and in the future.

So the next time your client has a loan declined, call Avenue I Capital and allow us the opportunity to perform for you and your client.